An Independent 3rd Party Review of Online Courses from UMass

A writer by the name of Shawn Seah has recently posted an article entitled, “Is it a Good Idea to Study at UMassOnline? – University of Massachusetts – An Evaluation.” It concludes with this statement: …the University of Massachusetts is excellent, definitely offering one of the best choices and one of the best prices for online and distance learning. Thank you Mr. Seah. I just wish to make two important points. One is that you should read the entire piece which includes a comprehensive overview of online offerings from the university of Massachusetts and also head the writer’s advice to do your own research. Two, just to clarify, UMassOnline is not the degree granting authority for the University of Massachusetts. It is the consortium providing technology support and global marketing for online programs from UMass. Credits and degrees earned through online courses and programs offered by UMass are conferred by the campuses offering the online programs. So for the record, one does not study at UMassOnline.

You can see the entire article at this link.