Last Longer In Bed With The Ejaculation Coach Training Program

Ejaculation Coach by Mitch Hawkins

I know a lot of guys have been eagerly awaiting the release of Mitch Hawkins’ premature ejaculation training program and I’m happy to say that the wait is now over. It’s here and we’ve been checking out an advanced copy of the course which you can download in pdf format from the Ejaculation Coach site.

Ejaculation Coach by Mitch Hawkins

The program does not disappoint and takes the topic of ejaculation training for men to a whole new level. It wasn’t long ago that all there was available to help guys who struggle to last in bed was the old “stop and start” techniques and Kegels training. While these old-school hacks were better than nothing, let’s be honest. They were never going to stop a case of premature ejaculation on their own.

What Is The Ejaculation Coach Program?

The ejaculation coach is a targeted program and workout guide that teaches men who have premature ejaculation how to take control of their ejaculations through training, bodily understanding, positional techniques plus a whole lot of really cool tips

Who’s Is The Ejaculation Coach For?

Mitch says the program is designed for men with full premature ejaculation. Many of Mitch’s clients had struggled to last even 30 seconds before the program so if you think you premature ejaculation is to sever to be helped by a program like this, think again.

In fact, Mitch claims that the guys who start of with severe premature ejaculation end up lasting just as long on average as guys who started off with moderate premature ejaculation. This is a surprising result but does offer hope to those guys with absolute hair triggers.

Best Parts Of Ejaculation Coach

I loved the section on instant cool-down techniques and think guys are going to love learning these right from the start. There’s a big variety of methods and a lot of stuff I’ve never seen taught before.

The “In The Zone” section at the end of the course also looks to stand out in the way it gets guys to take it way up to the next level.

What we also liked:

  •  Meditative techniques – (you learn these right after the breathing section)
  • Layout – so easy to follow
  • Sexual techniques – a lot of nifty stuff you can do by working the angles
  • The Vibe – Mitch is a passionate teacher. He really wants you to succeeds and his writing is very motivational

Mitch explains all of these component of the course and more in his article on how to last longer in bed over at the official site.

Worst Parts

None really. If I had to complain about anything it would be that we had to wait so long for this program.

How Much Is It The Ejaculation Coach?

At the moment it’s cheap as chips at just 49 bucks. Though it may return to the regular price of $189 soon. Try getting a personal session with a coach of Mitch’s caliber for 10 times that and you would struggle.

Where Can I Download The Ejaculation Coach?

You can grab the full course at the official Ejaculation Coach site.